Empowering millennials and Gen Z to make more informed decisions and navigate the overwhelming options in the online dating world. 
Design a dashboard interface that allows users to easily navigate and interpret the data, enabling users to explore trends, patterns, and relationships within the data. 
Academic Project

UX/ UI Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, User Research, Branding

Sept - Dec 2022

Final Prototype
The modern online dating world has created a paradox of choice when it comes to seeking genuine love. 

Millennials, Gen-Z tend to have first dates only and quickly forego potential connections because there are too many options and individuals don’t know who to invest time in.
How might we help individuals to improve their effectiveness in the dating process and find more meaningful connections? 
By utilising data from active dating apps, a smart dashboard will display relevant and actionable information about the user's dating health.

It can help the users to make more informed, confident decisions when seeking out genuine love. Also to organize their dating life and remind them important details about their dates they may otherwise forget, leading to better dates and an increased likelihood of forming lasting relationships.
Empathizing with dating app users
Singles who live in cosmpolitan cities, who are active on dating apps with the goal to improve their dating life, and find success on dating apps.

• Get better understanding on which date to focus their efforts on
• Find a long-term, meaningful connection
• Ensure they are not overwhelmed by the dating life

• Not getting past the 1st date and continue the relationship
• Forgetful about important details about their dates
High Fidelity Design
Understand: Conversion Insights
Track matches, first dates, and second dates month-on-month to understand your dating health and conversion rate. Visualize key metrics, identify patterns, and optimize your dating strategy for better chances of forming meaningful connections.
Remember: Date Details
Effortlessly manage important tasks and events related to your dates. Create date-specific tasks, set due dates, and increase your success rate with the people you invest time in.
Track: Date Expenses
Gain insights into your dating expenses and their correlation with successful conversions. Understand your spending habits and make informed decisions to avoid overspending, considering the financial dynamics of modern dating trends.

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